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Individual therapy is centred around you. Sessions will be offered via telephone/video call and last up to 50 minutes. I recommend starting sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis to allow us to build consistency and momentum. 

What to expect from me?

As a Humanistic Therapist, we work collaboratively to explore the areas of your life you want to bring to therapy. We focus on your thoughts, feelings and emotions which come from these experiences. By acknowledging all these aspects, I hope we can bring a deeper understanding for you to be able to discover your full potential.

I work in a non-directive manner and believe everything you bring to our sessions is relevant and useful. This allows us fluidity within our sessions to explore the various aspects of your life, so we can start to process and connect the pieces you may have struggled with before.

It is important that we connect on these multiple levels, as the therapeutic relationship is a key part of your therapy and the work we do together. I provide a non-judgemental, empathic and confidential space for my clients. I am transparent and open in all of my sessions, and I hope this gives you the freedom to be yourself and feel at ease too. 

Sessions cost £45.

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